While every catering plan is unique, we can help get you pointed in the right direction with  suggestions based on our experience. Choose from the list below to see what services are popular for certain types of events.

Life Events


Our Full Service Catering is generally the best approach for medium to large weddings. big Catering has brought our unique menus to unions of all sizes and styles in a very wide variety of venues. Beyond the food and drink service, we can work with you on rentals, location, decorators and more.

For more casual or lower key weddings, consider our Delivery with Service catering. We bring the best of our restaurants to your wedding party, and provide just as much staff as you need.

Speaking of matrimony... if you're looking for a place to hold your practice dinner, we have a few nice restaurants we can recommend.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Our Full Service Catering is the best option to include traditional dishes along with our popular offerings.

Because we source our ingredients from our restaurants, we don't offer strict Kosher preparations, but frequently serve Kosher-style events.

Birthday & Anniversary

For casual birthday gatherings, our Delivery with Set Up is a great way for your guests to dine at their own pace. We set everything up and let you do the rest.

Don't want your guests to serve themselves? Understandable. Add as much help as you need with our Delivery with Staff option.

For major, milestone birthdays, our Full Service Catering can make it an unforgettable party with customized menus and on site preparation. For guests of honor who are young or young-at-heart, we offer fun, interactive dessert stations including a made-to-order donut cart and cupcake decoration station.


Celebrate your grad's achievements with some of the most accomplished cuisines the ’Burgh has to offer. With our Delivery service, we'll set up everything you need to serve your graduate's crowd, and can add staff as needed.


Welcome Event

For events that start in the morning, start your event with dishes from some of the city's most popular brunch destinations. Our Full Service Catering can accommodate guests from a few to a few thousand.

We're the caterer of record for a large, local university, and have served their annual welcome event for many years.


Our staff will set up your choices of our Delivery packages between the sessions efficiently and unobtrusively. Amazing food ready to enjoy magically appears, keeping your attendees happy and their brains working.



Our Delivery & Set Up is perfect for delicious dining wherever you need it. Everything comes straight from our restaurant kitchens, and our staff will have everything spread out and ready to enjoy as soon as your guests finish the egg toss. We can add staff as needed for serving and clean up, but we cannot help you win the volleyball game.


Our Delivery & Set Up is ideal for family get togethers, fully assembled big Burrito along with everything you need to serve your clan.

We can even bring take away containers, so your guests can pack up something for the long trip home.

Holiday Party

big Catering draws from our diverse family of restaurants, enabling us to offer dishes appropriate to a wide variety of holidays. Beyond the standard western observances, we can also support celebrations for Diwali, Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year, Chuseok, Festa della Liberazione, and more.

Choose from the packed-and-ready Delivery options, or go Full Serve for a completely immersive dining experience.

Corporate & Business

Office meeting

Our Delivery & Set Up is a popular choice for business events. We bring everything you need for your employees to serve themselves, and can add our staff as needed. We'll touch base with you to leverage our core competencies within the parameters of your budget. That's good ROI!


Both of our Delivery services are great for conferences, whether it's lunch, dinner, any break during the day. Our staff will have everything set up and ready for your attendees. If you're limited on staff, we'll work with you to add helpers during and after the meal.

Retirement & Milestone

Our Full Service Catering can bring your guest-of-honor's favorite big Burrito cuisine to her special day. Customize the menu to include all of her preferred dishes.